Slow down friends of Jim Falkenstein. Let’s all start lowering our expectations right now. Jim is not selling downloads of his original music, or launching a new cologne, or rescuing shelter animals. All you’ll find here are photos, videos, and captions, from Jim’s family and Jim’s work.

When the internet was invented the founding fathers (Al Gore, Steve Jobs, and Perez Hilton) envisioned it as a place where people could watch cat videos and porn. But it evolved into a place where you could also find, and post, embarrassing personal information. That was a great advancement, but how best to do that?

Facebook turned out to be a secret information gathering site for the Mormons, so I thought it smarter to post every piece of potentially job-killing aspect of my life here – on my own webpage.

That’s just brains, or as I call them, skull guts.

THE NEW 5 MINUTE MEETINGS & the old prop mistakes

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