Chris Alvarado




Chris plays the role of Tommy Holdsworth

Tommy is in his early 30s and not physically disfigured in any way. Hell, if he had a 30 dollar haircut, a new shirt, and could find that copy of P90X he bought 2 years ago he’d actually be good looking. For someone who claims not to be bitter about his recent divorce, he sure does mention how “un-bitter” he is a lot – but in an unnaturally upbeat way. Luckily, he has his job. 12 years as a television Property Master. Mostly on Nickelodeon style kids shows. He likes breaking things, and fixing things, and exploding things, and doing anything to help other people out – all to avoid doing anything to help himself out. Hey, you know another good avoidance technique? Spending all your time at work.

Tommy often crosses the line from “super helpful” to “pesky meddler.” But he means well and is quick with a joke. Tommy is a college graduate who has resigned himself to a blue-collar career so he regularly threatens to quit his stupid job and pursue his dream of… of… shit, he really doesn’t have a big dream – but when he does… 

Charlie Gillette





Charlie plays the role of Bradley Germaine

Bradley is the property assistant and resident non-drinking alcoholic. He is AA, but mostly, he’s a Buddhist/ Taoist/ Hindu/Jew/Monk/Hippie/Spiritualist. It’s hard to say if he fried his brain during the party years, or if he started out that way. He is almost totally sleaved, and almost totally girlfriended, and almost totally along for the ride.

Courtney Merritt

 Courtney currently resides in Los Angeles with her mom and sister. She aspires to be a crazy cat lady when she grows up. Courtney has been acting for over a decade and has appeared in TV, films, commercials and digital series. She met Jim Falkenstein the creator of this fine series on CMT’s first original scripted series Working Class where she played Pam the daughter of Melissa Peterman. She can currently be seen as Jenna Werner, the daughter of Alan Tudyk, on ABC’s“Suburgatory,”. You can follow Courtney on twitter @otruenyc or visit her website for more information. Courtney can be IMDBed – right here.

Courtney plays the role of Farah Richards

Farah is a 21-year-old actress playing a 15-year-old kid on a Nickelodeon style kid’s show. On TV she is sincere and quirky and a little silly and a little funny. In real life she is shallow and selfish and a little slutty and a little drunk. Man, she is fun to hate.

S. Evelyn Edwards





Evelyn plays the role of Theresa Jaggi

Theresa is very excited about her Wardrobe Supervisor job, and excited about the show, and she’s just trying to do things right.  She’s… eager. That’s the word, eager. She’s a little young for her Wardrobe Supervisor position but she’s worthy, working very hard, and constantly stressed out. She appreciates Tommy’s reassurances that things are fine. And, she’s not unappreciative of Tommy’s newly divorced-ness.

Connie Shiro




Connie plays the role of Jojo Denon

Jojo is either an old, out of shape 30 year old, or a young, out of shape, 50 year old. She is the Set Decorator and was the first person to “like” OHA’s facebook page.  She’s been in the business for years and has successfully filed a complaint against everyone for every possible grievance.  Except, for some reason, sexual harassment. 


Lizzie Peet


Lizzie has been acting all her life.  New York Theatre:  Viola in “Twelfth Night,” directed by Will Pomerantz, “Admissions,” directed by Austin Pendlton.  She most recently won a Scenie for Outstanding Actress in a Lead Performance for “The Long Weekend.”  Recent television appearances include “Desperate Housewives,” “E.R.”, “The Event,” and “Awake.”  Lizzie Peet can be clicked upon – here.

Lizzie plays the role of Kelly Dankmire

Kelly is 30, although parts of her look 40 and other parts of her look 20.  Oh, and Kelly will show you her parts.  She’s unapologetic and matter-of-fact about using her sexuality to get what she wants. Some may think that she’s a 2 Dimensional tramp, but it’s that 3rd D that really sets her apart.

Julie Jackson




Julie plays the role of Helen Hanes

Helen likes to think of herself as a younger, hipper, Hollywood version of Hillary Clinton. But doesn’t Hillary also think that of herself? Both are wrong.  Helen is unnaturally upbeat, but she’s also unnaturally concerned, and unnaturally understanding.  The only time she appears natural, is when she’s filled with self-pity and cognac.


Dean Weichel





Dean plays the role of Del DeFazio

Del is the chunky, jolly, 30ish craft service guy.  He would like to think he’s a chef, but mostly he’d like to think he’s best friends with the actors he works with.  Luckily, he’s a spectacular kiss-ass, so actors do like that.

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