Arnold Pump & Run 2006

  • Eric Defies physics showing that things further away are bigger.

  • We're all winners... except for the jack-ass with the 'I'm #1 finger.

  • To the victors go the spoils.

  • More spoils!

  • It's as though the spoils were selling something or something.

  • The only real action seen all weekend.

  • I LOST!

  • I think the only difference is the tan.

  • Three bars means that cell phone reception is pretty good.

  • Yes, we are the only three morons doing this.

  • Pre-race fear. That's right, keep looking over your shoulder.

  • Pre-race calm. Looking like he's been there before. Okay, once before.

  • Eric looks like he's running fast, but who's taking the picture while he passes him?

  • Confident? Overconfident? Delusional? It's a fine line.

  • He's got a one-way ticket to I-lost-to-a-girlsville

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