Jury Duty

  • Guilty of being naughty.

  • No cameras allowed in court. Little did they realize that my photographic memory is more vibrant than any photo.

  • Who knew that the halls of justice had such crappy ceiling tiles and fluorescent lighting?

  • I asked my security detail to stay out of this shot. When you're called in for the big cases, it's death threats and paparazzi all day long.

  • Wasn't supposed to interact with criminals during my lunch break but I bent the rules a bit and hung out with some musicians.

  • Notice how the city left room for my eventual plaque in the "Crotchety Old White Guys Of Los Angeles" garden.

  • A little Villaragosa/ City Hall surprise party for me.

  • Asked Jesus for guidance and all I got was the over/under on the Super Bowl.

  • Nothing assuages the pressure of sending someone to the gas chamber like the soothing sights and sounds of a fountain.

  • When deliberations got a little heated, we lost a few good men. We found out later that they just nodded off.

  • You'd think that my "Mini-Jesus" hat would definitely get me out of Jury Duty. There were, like, 20 people with Mini-Jesus hats.

  • Dork on a stick.

  • The exhaustive pressure took it's toll on my fellow jurors.

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