Mount Wilson Race

  • My beautiful family didn't care at all that I was really sweaty.

  • The search and rescue guys were lost again and were waiting for me to tell them where to go.

  • Guess who was really easy to push over the cliff?

  • If the race ended now, I would have beaten all those people.

  • Unlike Nascar, the great champions weren't surrounded with bikini chicks. We could only afford robots dressed as owls.

  • John forgot that he was running behind Tommy "Drops-A-Lot-Of-Tacks" McGoon.

  • It's Sierra Madre... we all started at the finish line. The public schools there are crap.

  • As you can see from his hat, Dan did fairly well in the race by riding a camel.

  • I was not sure what John's pink hat would mean to my secret military unit's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

  • It's a standing... okay, sitting ovation.

  • I know, it looks like he's running away from a crime scene.

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