Spartan Race

  • Had to play a game of pick-up-sticks... WITH A GIANT!!!!

  • Larry thinks the grill is almost ready... but doesn't know he's the main course.

  • Larry gets into another fight with 2 guys in BatMan underwear.

  • Larry was angry at his ass, so he would sit on it as punishment.

  • Still angry at his ass, but giving it a break.

  • Larry was keeping the light breezes from blowing away this ladder.

  • Larry's blurred vision and dementia led him to believe that the valet was bringing his car around.

  • Attacked by Al-Qaida probably... or a tree.

  • A sunny plastic tent in the dust? Imagine Lipton Sun Tea, but with crotch sweat.

  • All the ladies like a man with a ripped and well defined credit score!

  • The ladies react to unbelievable greatness... mostly by not believing.

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