True Jackson Baseball

  • Ben "The Stick" Neivert

  • You don't get a body like Ben's without a strict diet of pink, chewy candy.

  • Chris "Bat Boy" Robinson

  • Once we named the ball "Gary" Chris began destroying it.

  • When Chris is smiling, you know something is about to go horribly wrong

  • Dan "That's Cope" Kopelman. Don't forget. Kope rhymes with dope, or soap-on-a-rope, or mope, or The Pope, or taupe, or slope... I don't know, dope is the best mnemonic device for me.

  • Dan returning from a minor altercation with the windshield of Ben's car.

  • Ian crushes a single deep into the infield!

  • Forget the "Eye of the TIger," Ian has the "Posture of a Loiterer."

  • Like a movie still from The Natural except Ian isn't old, doesn't look like Robert Redford, and has never played baseball before.

  • Leslie picked up those knee pads from a "White Shadow" studio wardrobe sale.

  • You can't even tell that Ralphie "The Hobbler" is about to hit a triple that he stretched into a single.

  • Ralph's t-shirt says it all.

  • Chris "The Least Sucky" Robinson

  • Stacy "Estrogen on Steroids" Cantwell

  • I know it doesn't matter if you win or lose, but I think this picture screams "We Lost." But, pretty freakin' sexy, right?

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