Urban Race

  • Overconfidence? Hey, it's an inflatable arch. How hard can it be?

  • You think we look dorky? We're not wearing Power Ranger costumes, are we?

  • An empty colon is a fast colon.

  • Surprisingly... didn't taste like chicken.

  • Dave couldn't get a bus on Sunset. You know why? Didn't show enough thigh.

  • Have you ever been scolded for not paying attention to bullshit? Notice the bullshit behind me and the scolding to the left.

  • I thought the ridiculousness behind Dave would make him look less ridiculous... well, it was a thought.

  • If you can't be in the dork parade, you might as well be a dork supporter.

  • Nothing is more fearful than the iron-on images of Lenny & Squiggy.

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