“DR KEN” Director: Anthony King
Starring: Ken Jeong Producer: Pat Keinlen
Sony VP of Production: John Spector
(4 Camera Series – ABC) Show Runner: Mike Sikowitz

“HOT IN CLEVELAND” Director: Andy Cadiff
Starring: Betty White Producer: Bob Heath
Hazy Mills VP of Production: Todd Milliner
(4 Camera Series – TV Land) Show Runner: Suzanne Martin

“GROUNDFLOOR” Director: Gail Mancuso
Starring: Skylar Astin Producer: Mark Greenberg
Doozer VP of Production: Randall Winston
(4 Camera Series – NBC) Show Runner: Jeff Astrof
“Wendell & Vinnie” Director: Rob Schiller
Starring: Jerry Trainer Producer: Richard King
Nickelodeon VP of Production: Kieren Fisher
(4 Camera Video – CMT) Show Runner: Jay Kogan
“Friend Me” Director: Fred Savage
Starring Chris Mintz-Plasse Producer: Tony Carey
CBS Series 1st AD: Jeff Meyer
Show Runner: Ajay Sahgal

“ARE YOU THERE, CHELSEA” Director: Gail Mancuso

Starring: Laura Prepon Producer: Bari Halle
WB VP of Production: Henry Johnson
(4 Camera Series – NBC) Show Runner: Julie Larson & Dottie Zicklin
“WORKING CLASS” Director: Rob Schiller
Starring: Melissa Peterman Producer: Brenda Hanes
Film Syndicate VP of Production: Bryan Johnson
(4 Camera Video – CMT) Show Runner: Brad Johnson
“TRUE JACKSON VP” Director: Gary Halvorson
Starring Keke Palmer Producer: Chris Robinson
Rocart Inc. VP of Production: Keiren Fisher
(4 cam video- Nickelodeon) Series 1st AD: Gary Stella
Show Runner: Andy Gordon
Director: Jack Kenny
Starring Tyler Fracavilla Producer: Franco Bario
Prodco Inc. VP of Production: John Ziffren
(6 Episodes ABC Family) 1st AD: Shawn Shea
Show Runner: Chris Case
Director: Various
Starring Jim Belushi Producer: Bob Heath
Brillstein Grey Productions ABC Studios
(6 Episodes 8th Season) 1st AD: Dennis Capps
Show Runner: Warren Bell
   Director: Mark Cendrowski
Starring Rob Corddry   Producer: Jeff Morton
20th Cent. Fox Productions  VP of Production: Marcie Proietto
(4 Cam Video – FOX) Series 1st AD: William “Coz” Cosentino
Show Runner:  Ricky Blitt
REBA”       Director: Will McKenzie/Various
Starring Reba McEntire    Producer: Jason Shubb
Fox – Acme Productions    VP of Production: Joel Hornstock
(4 Camera HD Video – WB) Series   1st AD: Robbie Countryman
Show Runner:Kevin Abbott
“THE DOWNER CHANNEL”    Director: Tim Hamilton
Starring Wanda Sykes    Producer: Greg Gordon
Carsey/ Werner     1st AD: Tom Seidman
(Single Camera – NBC) Series  Show Runner:
“D.A.G.”    Director: John Fortenberry/Various
Starring David Alan Greir  Producer: Brenda Hanes
NBC Television    VP of Production:Pam Putch
(4 Camera Film – NBC) Series  1st AD: Leon Robinson
Show Runner: Andy Gordon/ Eileen Conn
“WORK WITH ME”    Director: Andrew Weyman
Starring Kevin Pollack/Nancy Travis Producer: John Ziffren
CBS Television    VP of Production: Kevin Berg
(4 Camera Film – CBS) Series  1st AD: Jonathan Weiss
Show Runner:Stephen Engel
“MOVIE STARS”    Director: Jamie Widdoes
Starring Harry Hamlin   Producer: Julie Tsutsui
Axelrod/Widdoes Productions  VP of Production: Henry Johnson
(4 Camera Film – WB) Series  1st AD:  Sean Mulcahy
Show Runner: Wayne Lemon
“COSTELLO”    Director: Lee Shallat/Various
Starring Sue Costello   Producer: Kim Tushinsky
Wind Dancer Productions   VP of Production: Mitch Ackerman
(4 Camera Film – FOX) Series  1st AD: C.J. Rapp-Pittman
Show Runner: Cheryl Holliday/ David McFadzean
“ALRIGHT ALREADY”   Director: Rob Schiller/Various
Starring Carole Liefer   Producer: John Ziffren
Brillstein/Grey Productions Inc. VP of Production: Tony Carey
(4 Camera Film – WB) Series  1st AD: Warren Gray
Show Runner: Stephen Engel
“THE JEFF FOXWORTHY SHOW”  Director: Ted Wass/ Various
Starring Jeff Foxworthy   Producer: Steve Schott
Brillstein/Grey Productions Inc. VP of Production: Tony Carey
(4 Camera Film – NBC) Series  1st AD: Lee Grant
Show Runner: Howard Gould


HOME GAME” Director: Ken Wittingham
Starring Rob Riggle Producer: Chris Arrington
(Multi Camera – CBS) Pilot
Show Runners Warren Bell & Chris Nowak
“ROB” Director: Jamie Widdows
Starring Rob Schneider Producer: Tony Carey
(Multi Camera – CBS) Pilot
Show Runner  Lew Morton
“ROOMMATES” Director: Andy Cadiff
Starring David Weidoff  Producer: Franco Bario
(Multi Camera Video – ABC Family) Pilot
Show Runners Robin French & Kieron Quirke
“PLAYING CHICKEN”  Director: John Pasquin
Starring Norbert Butz   Producer:  Marc Solakian
Warner Bros. Television  VP of Production: Henry Johnson
(Multi Camera Video – FOX) Pilot 1st AD: Anthony Rich
Show Runners Sean Anders & John Morris
“THE WINNER”   Director: Terry Hughes
Starring Rob Corddry   Producer: Kevin Slattery
20th Century Fox Productions  VP of Production: Marcie Proietto
(Multi Camera Video – FOX) Pilot   1st AD: Doug Tobin
Show Runner:  Ricky Blitt
“WIENER PARK”    Director: Adam Bernstein
Starring Donal Logue   Producer: Morgan Sackett
20th Century Fox Productions  VP of Production: Marcie Proietto
(Single Camera Film – NBC) Pilot 1st AD: Alan Breton
Show Runner: Emily Kapnek
“ADOPTED”    Director: Ted Wass
Starring Bernadette Peters  Producer: Sabrina Wind
20th Centruy Fox Productions  VP of Production: Marcie Proietto
(4 Camera Film) Pilot   1st AD: Jonathan Weiss
Show Runner: Kevin Abbott
“THE ANDREW KENNEDY PROJECT”  Director: Gary Halvorson
Montrose Productions   Producer: Richard King
(4 Camera Film – CBS) Pilot  1st AD: Randy Suhr
“JACK’S HOUSE”    Director: Jamie Widdows
Fox Television    Producer: Jason Shubb
(4 Camera Film) Pilot   1st AD: Robbie Countryman
“16 TO LIFE”    Director: Jamie Widdows
Fox Television    Producer:
(4 Camera Film) Pilot   1st AD:
“LIFE WITH DAVID J”   Director: Pam Fryman
Fox Television    Producer: Jay Kleckner
(4 Camera Film) Pilot   1st AD: Chris Halle
“MARTIN & CLAUDIA”   Director: Will MacKenzie
Warner Bros. Television   Producer: Suzy Friendly
(4 Camera Film – WB) Pilot  1st AD: Sean Mulcahy
“YOU”     Director: David Grossman
Brillstein-Grey    Producer: John Ziffren
(4 Camera Video) Pilot   1st AD: Michele Azenzer
“HOLLYWOOD TALES”   Director: Jon Favreau
Walt Disney Studios   Producer: John Whitman
(Single Camera Film) Pilot  1st AD: Steve Lofaro


“DIRTY SEXY MONEY”  Director: Various
ABC Studios Producer: Paul Cajero
(Single Camera Series) 1st AD: Various
“JUST JORDAN”  Director: David Kendall
Nickelodeon   Producer: Deb Spidell
(Multi-Camera Series) 1st AD: Robbie Countryman
“OUT OF JIMMY’S HEAD”  Director: Sean McNamara
Gollywood Films  Producer: Bob Warner
(Cartoon Network Single Camera Series)  UPM: Pixie
Director: Sean McNamara
Crystal Sky Productions   Producer: Eric Breiman
(Lions Gate Feature)  UPM: Don Hugg
UNFABULOUS”    Director: Various
Nickelodeon    Producer: Tom Keniston
(Single Camera HDVideo) Series  1st AD: Todd Hilyard
“DEBS”     Director: Angela Robinson
(Independent Feature)   UPM:
“DIE MOMMIE DIE”   Director: Mark Rucker
(Independent Feature)   UPM: Erik Olson
“THE SALTON SEA”   Director: DJ Caruso
(Feature Film)    UPM: Jim Behnke
“ANNIE”     Director: Rob Marshall
(TV Movie – ABC)   UPM: John Whitman
   “ALI”     Director: Leon Ichaso
(TV Movie – FOX)   UPM: Peter Bogart
      “FOOLS RUSH IN”    Director: Andy Tennant
(Feature Film)    Producer: Michael McDonnell
“TOMBSTONE”    Director: George Cosmatos
(Feature Film)    UPM: Terri Collis
“A WEEKEND IN THE COUNTRY”  Director: Martin Bergman
(Feature Film)    Producer: Nancy Paloian
“TOUR OF DUTY”    Director: Tim Matheson
(TV Movie)    Producer: Lori-Etta Taub
“LOVE AND WAR” /”DOUBLE RUSH”  Directors: Berlinger/ Lembeck
(4 Camera Film – CBS)2½ years  UPM: John Whitman

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